Here are planned trips to head to IVH on June 8th.
North – Doug Heiser 260-908-0541 - KSU Lucky H-D 7:30 am.
Central – Marty “Mongo” Skaggs 317-797-3298 – KSU South Side H-D 8:00 am.
East – Kellis Allen Sr. 765-698-8360 – KSU info coming.
East – Sally Jo Faulkenberg 765-716-5695 KSU Daleville Post 446 – KSU 8:00 am.
South – Brian “Teddy Bear” Walters ( prefers texts ) 812-606-7000 - KSU Post 196 8:0 am.
We don’t have anyone out of the west, so if there is a planned KSU please advise.

Questions please call the respective areas.
Let’s make this the biggest ever! Our Veterans Deserve it!

All riders will meet at Post 492 to parade into IVH.